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Open Studio at the Hideaway

What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is available for customers who would like to come and work in an inspiring environment with other creative individuals in a laid-back atmosphere. If this is your first time doing mosaics, we are happy to help new artists get started in their mosaic journey. Even though this isn't "class" time, mosaic artists are known to bounce ideas off each other and share tips & tricks. There are always new styles and techniques to be inspired by and let your knowledge of this art grow!  If you're new to mosaics, we'll be offering mosaic classes soon. Our Mosaic Taster Class is the perfect starting point.

How much is Open Studio?

Open Studio is purchased in 3-hour blocks of time for $20 each block. (Or on our full-days, enjoy 6 hours of studio time for $35.)

What are my mosaic project options?

If you purchase a mosaic base from our studio, the price on the piece will include all materials and 3-hours of studio time. There is a large wall of wooden bases to choose from. We change up our project wall each month with different shapes, so check out our current project options HERE.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to keep all options in-stock throughout the entire month (restocking happens often but sometimes we have to wait on new orders to arrive).

A large assortment of glass and tiles, adhesive, and a take-home grout kit is included in the project price. 

You will still need to purchase a $20 block of time prior to coming in. (Think of it as your entry ticket.) You will have $20 credit to go towards your project purchased in-studio. 

Can I bring in my own project?

If you plan on bringing in your base from home, we charge $35 per square foot of space. There are always fun items you can find around your house to mosaic, or unique pieces found at garage sales and thrift stores waiting to be repurposed and given a new life. Feel free to CONTACT US prior to coming in to ensure your base is suitable for mosaics. You will have a $20 credit towards your supplies during your first visit. 

Will you store my project for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to store any personal mosaic projects, tools or supplies. You will need to take your belongings with you after your session. 

What if I want to stay for a whole day?

Maybe you're coming from out of town and want to make your visit worth it. Or maybe you're working on a large or intricate project and want to take advantage of being in our studio. You may purchase 2 sessions for one day with an hour lunch break in-between for $35. We are located only 5 minutes away from our famous, historic downtown with so many great places to eat and shop.

*No food will be allowed in the studio. Only drinks with lids.*


The studio will be closed for one hour (1-2pm) in-between sessions to eat lunch, tidy up the tables and prep for the next session. Please make arrangements to occupy yourself for the hour. Thank you! 

Schedule Studio Time Here


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